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Options for Accessing Cornerstone:

*Last Updated 5/1/2023

Complete instruction manual for Cornerstone.

  • What do I do if I forgot my password?
    Please contact Bill Sullivan (
  • When does a budget get locked in? Can I go back and edit it?
    The budget is locked in when it is posted. Since you are bringing items in as "Original Budget", you can unpost the PCI and edit it. In the case where the budget is released in pieces you can create multiple "Original Budget" PCIs. *NOTE: You do have the flexibility to create an "Original Budget" PCI to fix the original budget.
  • If you accidentally add a phase code to your budget, can it be deleted?
    You will need to unpost the original PCI, edit it, and then repost the PCI.
  • How do I add a contact to a subcontractor?
    Within your "Subcontract Detail", click on the magnifying glass next to "Contact"
  • What happens if I post a subcontract for the wrong amount?
    There is no way to edit once the subcontract has been posted. Your options are to void the original subcontract and recreate or reach out to Bill Sullivan and he can manually edit that amount on the back end.
  • Is there a way to have my markups calculate automatically?
    If you'd like your markups to automatically calculate, you can go to "Project Maintenance" and access the "Defaults" tab. Listed under "Other" you'll see a checkbox for "Auto Calculate Markups". We have added documentation for this in the playbook. *NOTE: This will only work for billing above the line. If the owner requires the changes to be billed below the line, the markups will need to go to the change order code and you are unable to change the phase code when "Auto Calculate Markups" is selected.
  • How do I manually change the name of the PCI?
    To change the name of the PCI, you'll need to click back into the unapproved PCI. Next to "Type" click on "Modify" and you can change the name from there.
  • RFQ dates are auto populating for two days. This should be set to default for whatever the contract states on the job.
    You can change the default by going to "Project Maintenance" and clicking on the "Defaults" tab. Once you press "Edit", you can change it here.
  • Can I unpost an OCO?
    Yes. To do this, any attached PCI needs to be unposted from the PCI module. Once it is unposted, the OCO automatically unposts.
  • Can you update the attachment on an invoice?
    If you have the wrong image on an invoice, you should reject the invoice so that it can be deleted and a new attachment can be sent.
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